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Starve Dog Lane is out there; following its own nose in an ongoing quest for better grapes and crafting better wines. Always running on winemaking ‘street smarts’, Starve Dog is focused on quality and an innate understanding of wine trends.

With new breeds emanating from the temperate climes of the Adelaide Hills, the warmer, hardier blocks of Clare Valley, and across the more select vineyards of South Australia… it’s pure, unbridled curiosity that’s alive at Starve Dog Lane wines; in both the joy of wine… and our ongoing winemaking journey.

It’s Starve Dog Lane’s boundless energy… for new tastes and fresh experiences that feeds this curiosity for future and further exploration. Curiosity entices like-minded wine enthusiasts to join in the adventure. Whether at home in the backyard, or on city streets, Starve Dog Lane is constantly on the trail of a new breed of wine tastes, smells, experiences… for a new breed of wine lovers.

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